The Citizen Journalist (CJ) Show is CNN-IBN’s big clutter breaker. A show, which keeps the Citizen at the centre of it’s reportage. It looks at issues and trends often forgotten by the mainstream media. Unlike Citizen Journalism in other parts of the world, this team led by Anubha Bhonsle brings the best of public interest journalism, backed with robust ground reportage, strenuous fact-checking and rigor and often fronted by the Citizen him/herself. The Citizen Journalist Show has won the Best Cross Platform content for three consecutive years at the Asian TV Awards. You can also go to or track the show and it’s social media outreach on @ibncj

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  • Uphaar Tragedy: Over the years the CJ show adhered to one principle, a constant follow-up of every story they reported on, tracking the smallest developments and linking them to the big picture. Over the years the team did extensive, detailed reports on the various issues that the Uphaar cinema fire threw up-the long legal battle, the lack of public safety infrastructure in buildings, malls, the grit of the families and the eternal wait for justice and compensation. One of the latest shows was filed in 2015 and is on


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