Ground Reportage From Some Of The Worst Disaster Zones

  • The Uttarakhand Floods: A story of nature’s fury and man’s puny attempts to fight it. Ground reportage and follow-ups
  • Nepal Earthquake, 2015: When the earth shook and the bodies piled up
  • Jammu and Kashmir Floods, 2014: Stone pelting at choppers. Video 
  • The Girl Who Started A Movement: An interview with the parents of Jyoti, once known as Nirbhaya, Delhi’s brave heart whose rape and murder awakened a nation
  • The Washington Roundtable: Expectations ahead of Prime Minister Modi’s first visit to the United States Video
  • Marykom, No Show in Manipur:  Why is a film of Marykom, Manipur’s daughter and India’s icon not showing in her home state. Video
  • Nupur Talwar: The murder of Aarushi Talwar, a murder where her parents are prime accused. An interview with Nupur Talwar. Video